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WorkWhere To Grab an Office Bag

Tech may be the bread and butter of this innovative brand, but you can expect to find plenty of efficient baggage that’s convenient for a trip across the world—or just a dash across town.

Main Terminal A, Pre-Security; Departures, Level 3


In addition to electronics and equipment, this tech mecca offers a variety of computer totes and gear to suit a variety of tastes, from the simple and efficient to the aesthetically elite.

Main Terminal B, Pre-Security; Departures, Level 3

From wheeled carry-on bags to cross-body styles, this travel-centric line offers an array of light luggage that’s top of the line. Choose from a rainbow of colors or create a matching set that’s perfect for you.

Main Terminal B, Pre-Security; Departures, Level 3

Select a terrific tote or a chic carrier, in addition to a supply of headphones, mobile accessories, and travel gadgets. Designed to minimize environmental impact, all products are purposefully created with sustainable products and utilize natural solar energy.

Main Terminal B, Pre-Security; Departures, Level 3

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