No matter your preference in cuisine, Orlando International Airport has it all. Whether you prefer to linger over a burger and a beer, or just want to grab a quick snack on the fly, you’re sure to find a cure for your craving.


Where to Get Your Fill

From savory steaks to fun snacks like chips and guacamole, Orlando International Airport boasts an eclectic array of eats for everyone from the casual diner to the wine lover. Whether you have hours to relax or just enough time for a quick bite, you’re guaranteed to find a spot that fits the bill.


Top 5 Best Dishes

With all there is to see and do at Orlando International Airport, knowing which dish to order might be the toughest decision you make all day. Let us help make the choice a little easier with these five highlights—although with so many superior options to choose from, it’s all a matter of taste.